We Help Unique Early Stage Technologies Mature into Investable Growth Companies

Chairman Partners, LLC was created to provide Executive Chairman and Go-to-Market expertise combined with the structure, relationships, and investor knowledge that early-stage companies need to build investable, sustainable growth businesses. With our many years of building start-ups from the ground up. Chairman Partners fills in the experience gaps in the early executive teams to better drive initial success.

Areas of Focus

  • Corporate Structure & Development
  • Product Market Fit
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Finding and Selling Early Customers
  • Building Repeatable Revenue Generation

Fractional Executives

Chairman Partners provides, on a fractional basis, an Executive Chairman to advise the CEO and executive team on building scalable organization and business systems for execution while also providing a Chief Marketing Officer to build out the go-to-market strategy, positioning, foundational marketing, and productization. We guide the development of the company and fundraising, making sure the business operations are scalable, and help the company find and sell customers to drive repeatable revenue generation. Our eventual goal is to enable the executive team to self-sustain rapid growth.

Unique Financial Model

Chairman Partners works on a blended financial model of equity and cash adjusted to meet the capabilities of a company at their particular stage of development. We only takes on companies that we believe provide long-term opportunity for significant financial return for its investors and stakeholders. Our structured, methodical and innovative approach along with extensive investor, executive, customer, and partner relationships allows us to help drive extraordinary results.

We Understand Your Situation

Chairman Partners know that early-stage technology companies generally lack all of the pieces to effectively build the business foundation needed to enable rapid, successful growth. As a result, most fail to survive despite their innovative technologies. Even the companies that thrive find the early stages challenging. We have been in your shoes and we have found that the two most critical executive roles lacking in early stage companies are the Executive Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer roles. Most companies cannot afford these roles on a full-time basis, but the expertise is critical to accelerating growth and preventing mistakes.

Time is Your Enemy

Profitability is revenues and costs in a given period of time. Competitors can develop their own competitive solutions. Customers will find substitutes. Markets evolve. Technology becomes obsolete. Speed to market is the only true competitive differentiator. Investors look for velocity. Either you execute quickly or you don’t. It is not about whether you can “figure it out”, but rather can you figure it out fast enough. That is where we provide the true value – we have seen it, we have done it, and we can help you drive your speed to market. We are Purveyors of Growth.

Next Steps…

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