Our Milestone Driven Approach

Go-to-Market & Revenues

  • MVP customers proves the technology works
  • 1st paid customer means that it is a sellable offering
  • 1st targeted customer without a prior relationship validates the approach
  • 10th repeatable customer represents that the model works
  • 100th customer tells us that the business is scalable

Customer Solution

  • Problem Solving
  • Valuable to Solve
  • Solution Delivery
  • Expectation Management
  • Market Size

Company Development

  • MVP stabilized
  • Consistent revenue growth
  • Corporate development with core team
  • Finding customers consistently with sales and marketing
  • Predictable customer delivery leading to reference-ability

Product Market Fit

  • Differentiated (right competitive environment)
  • Targeted (right market)
  • Roadmap (right maturity)
  • Valuable (right package/positioning/pricing)
  • Profitable (right delivery)


  • Valuation (realistic)
  • Progress (methodical)
  • Team (focused)
  • Corporate Structure (scalable)
  • Deal Structure (profitable)