What is a Fractional CMO? Why Do I Need One?

When most people of think of Marketing, they tend to think of Marketing Communications. Marketing is much broader, including sales, product management, lead generation, customer experience, marketing communications, PR, events, etc. Depending upon the company, stage of development, and industry – Marketing can pretty much be anything and everything.

Phase 1 – Targeted Approach to Driving Growth

Matt’s focus is primarily on the Go-to-Market — Strategy, Targeting, Marketing, Product Packaging, Direct Problem Selling, & Channel Development.  He works with our portfolio companies to manage the revenue generation activities in 2-week project sprints with company core team (Agile is critical for driving rapid growth) with the goal of driving the initial customer acquisition that fit the repeatable model with new packaged approach. This mean Matt will actually help close deals and build distribution partnerships.

Phase 2 – Building Repeatable Scale

From there, he works with the company’s team to develop a scalable sales and marketing roadmap. Matt will also assist the company to select outside 3rd party resources & hire the internal team as needed (graphic design, PR, digital, content, website development, MarTech applications to build out foundational marketing & sales support infrastructure for long-term growth

Phase 3 – Transition

The end goal is to build a sustainable business. The leave-behind is an internal team that is comfortable with developing strategy, executing all the facets needed for explosive growth, and the ability to provide a predictable forecast for the senior management team to ensure that the business is able to service the demand.