What is An Executive Chairman?

Bob Cramer’s role as Executive Chairman is hard to define, but we will try. An Executive Chairman is an advisory role working with the CEO and Executive Team to ensure the company is on track with its business growth performance.

Bob plays a combination of coach & fill-in utility infielder for the CEO & executive team to ensure that they are making the right decisions, executing correctly, and are building an investable company.

Bob also brings an investor’s eye as he is looking at the company as an investor so he perspective is going to be in maximizing the long-term value of the company, funding requirements, investment criteria, and maximizing valuation.

Bob has an extensive executive, investor, and pretty much everything else relationship network that he will tap to work on behalf of the company (if he doesn’t know them, his network will).

In any given week, Bob may be on the phone with the CEO talking through decisions, participate in internal strategic planning meetings, attend new partner meetings, participate in enterprise prospect meetings, attend a conference or tradeshow, coordinate investor meetings, source a service provider, etc.

Bob’s role is to coach, advise, supplement, and provide executive oversight to ensure the company is moving in the right direction – corporate development, revenue growth, investment, and value creation.