Chairman Partners Difference

  • Accountability – we own the success, we accept the authority to drive the results, and we coordinate the resources to drive the tactical execution
  • Resource Network – we believe that highly skilled part-time resources are more effective if used as specialists rather than junior full-time people who cannot work autonomously. The specialists are more expensive, but they drive faster results.
  • Sales Network – we have a lot of executive contacts – 1st degree and 2nd degree – we deploy that network early on to drive the initial results. It isn’t scalable in the long term, but it allows us the ability to prototype the early sales to find the predictable patterns
  • Tactical Execution –You aren’t paying for a warm bodies to augment your team – you are paying for strategic & go-to-market expertise to do it much faster and far better. Our jobs are to build a scalable, repeatable, and systemic revenue model that can be turned over to a long-term head of sales and marketing to continue growth.
  • Risk Mitigation – early product market entry into new markets is risky – most technology companies either fail or fail to meet expectations. Many good technology products don’t get market traction. The simple reason is that there is a big difference between building a product and getting it to market and getting large numbers of customers to buy. You need a buyer/customer advocate who is able to step outside of the product and focus on helping the customers solve specific problems & then figure out how to do that at a market level.
  • Market Accelerator – we figure it out quicker based on our expertise – we have literally been involved with many technology markets and driven numerous products to market. The model is based upon learning from our experiences and also knowing what has worked/hasn’t.