Given the state of development for the business, the initial traction with buyers, recent pivot, planned funding event, state of the sales function, etc.; the immediate goal will be to streamline the strategic market planning sufficient to meet the initial goals of driving revenue & raising investment capital. The expectation is that during the course of building that pipeline, there will be sufficient market learning to iteratively build out the more advanced strategic planning and functional marketing plan as we grow.

A key assumption in packaging a company for funding is that the company already has traction, differentiation, and a defined market. Obviously, if you don’t have the baseline experience yet, everything that we propose will be subjectively evaluated and difficult to quantify. This is why we have a “baseline” P&L model that we use for adjusting based upon established variables: cost of goods sold, variable operational expenses, salaries and overhead, price schedule, margin, volume, and established baselines in sales and marketing expenditures.


Chairman Partners believes the indicator for determining how fast we can enter the market is whether the company has been able to build their repeatable Cost of Sales financial model for the product. If they do not have a clarity and predictable expectation for their target buyer (consistent decision maker), identified core problems, defined competitive market, cost of sales, etc.; any investment, pricing model, and commission structure will be difficult to quantify sufficient to begin entering a new market at scale. In short, if every sale is unique, there are no repeatable economics assumptions for forecasting future performance.

Chairman Partners will come into initially package the messaging and positioning. We will tell your story better than you could imagine possible and it will help tremendously in helping the funding & getting more customers faster. You will also come to trust in the valuable experience in building lead generation, sales, marketing, pricing, packaging, channels, and customers success. We will build out the revenue roadmap, assist in acquiring the initial group of customers that validate the model, and build a sustainable sales and marketing program that will aid in long-term sustainable revenue growth.

We will conduct our own independent strategic market analysis to provide an understanding of the core problems, differences, and buying decisions associated with these types of projects sufficient to build out the problem-solving framework. We work in 2-week incremental sprints with the core team to define goals every two weeks and then assess effectiveness and adjust at a planning meeting at the end of each sprint to prepare for the next sprint. This has the effect of pushing urgency, forcing iterative development, and streamlining the cycle times to drive new revenues. The idea is that we should be able to rapidly iterate the pipeline development, develop the key requirements to close deals, and determine what is needed to scale very rapidly.